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Do you seek for a health or mental coach?

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All my services are worldwide and for everyone available, because I only do online coaching. So whether you live in the USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Abu Dhabi, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands or on the moon; the only thing you need is an Internet connection.


Medications will never be able to do the trick. On contrary, they often increase the inflammatory response of your body, which makes your pain and other symptoms worse!

100% Natural

Healthy food (that contains of unprocessed and natural ingredients as well as natural dietary supplements) can help to restore deficiencies and can increase the physical as well as the mental condition.

100% Satisfaction

My greatest passion is to motivate you to choose for a 100% natural lifestyle and show you that healthy eating and living can be very easy, affordable and fun! My mission is to inform you about the need and ‘how-to’ of a healthy body & mind.

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No matter what you are looking for, my personal approach helps you to achieve your goals. Through online coaching sessions I will guide you and help you to create a healthy and strong body & mind. All dietary and lifestyle guidelines you receive are 100% tailor made in order to make sure your needs and wishes can be fulfilled.