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How to heal Interstitial Cystitis Hunner’s lesions?

Most interstitial cystitis (IC) patients have their lesions burnt, but the Hunner’s lesions often come back after a while. Bladder installations (E.g. with Elmiron) often don’t have any positive effect. Opiates are used quite commonly for the pain, but they have many side effects including constipation and IBS. Lots of patients use laxatives to solve this problem, but in fact, by making this choice, patients damage their intestinal flora by doing this.

How to heal Hunner’s lesions?

The only way to heal your ulcers is to address your low-grade chronic inflammations. Medications will never be able to do the trick. On contrary, they often increase the inflammatory response of your body, which makes your pain and other symptoms worse! The only effective and permanent solution is to drastically and permanently change your lifestyle. A personalized diet, accompanied by taking dietary supplements as well as lifestyle changes form the foundation of a healthy digestive tract. As soon as you are able to restore the natural balance of your gut flora, your IC related symptoms (including the ulcers), will also decrease.

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