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Healthy Smoothies with essential Vitamins and Minerals

Healthy smoothies with essential vitamins and minerals are extremely popular right now, especially green smoothies. Learn everything about weight loss smoothies, green smoothies and green smoothie recipes and find out how to take spirulina powder in your green smoothies.

Green smoothies are healthy smoothies!

Green smoothies are healthy smoothies, because they contain essential vitamins and minerals. Spinach, kale, green cabbage and other green (leaf) vegetables are very rich in essential vitamins and minerals. This makes them perfect ingredients in smoothies. Almost all vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals, but green veggies score very high in vitamin C, E, K and minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron and zinc. These nutrients play an important role in staying healthy, because they support your immune system. Green (leaf) vegetables are also rich in dietary fiber, providing high saturation and stimulate a healthy intestinal function. Next to that, they contain lots of chlorophyll, a green pigment, which is known for its health promoting properties.

Natural vitamins and supplements

Chlorophyll stimulates cell renewal of the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines. This is beneficial for everyone that has stomach and intestinal complaints. Chlorophyll also helps to reduce unpleasant body odors by inhibiting overgrowth of harmful bacteria in the intestines. In addition, chlorophyll improves the quality of your blood. Chlorophyll can store lots of oxygen giving you more energy and making you feel fitter and more energetic. Chlorophyll also has a blood purifying and detoxifying effect on both your blood and your muscles, organs and other tissues. Furthermore, research has shown that this powerful substance helps to heal wounds faster. Finally chlorophyll strengthens the heart function, it makes the capillaries (the smallest blood vessels) wider and with regular use in high doses, it can also reduce cholesterol levels in your blood. This reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. You’d might almost say that chlorophyll beats several vitamins and supplements!

Essential vitamins and minerals

You can enrich your green smoothies by adding superfoods or greens like spirulina. This makes them extra healthy. Greens grasses and algae are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids and chlorophyll. Each species has different health benefits. The most famous greens are super foods like chlorella, spirulina, wheat grass and barley grass.

Blue green algae benefits

Chlorella Chlorella is a freshwater alga. These unicellular micro-algae consist 50% from protein. In addition, chlorella is rich in essential vitamins and minerals and contains a high concentration of algae chlorophyll. This makes chlorella very popular in detoxification. Vitamin C and E in Chlorella have an antioxidant effect. This allows your body to produce fewer free radicals. And that’s good, because these substances are bad for your body. The B-vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12) and minerals (iron and zinc) help to strengthen the immune system ad are one of the most important blue green algae benefits. Next to chlorella, there is also spirulina. This algae is a very popular in green smoothies.

How to take spirulina powder?

Spirulina is a saltwater algae. This single-celled, microscopic algae is rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins, essential fatty acids and essential amino acids. Spirulina also contains chlorophyll, and, moreover, is gluten-free. The strongly alkaline function of spirulina contributes to the deacidification of your body. The health benefits of spirulina include the improvement of the immune system and the lowering of elevated cholesterol levels.

Wheatgrass juice recipes

Wheatgrass juice recipes are also very popular. Wheatgrass is from grass sprouted from wheat grains. Before wheat grows to an adult plant, it forms a wispy green plant. Wheatgrass is rich in essential vitamins and minerals (vitamin A, C, E, K and most B vitamins and calcium, zinc, iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese, etc.), and amino acids. Wheatgrass also gives you a real energy boost and, like chlorella and spirulina, it also contains chlorophyll. This substance forms together with vitamin C and E a strong, natural antioxidant. This may have a positive influence on the cardiovascular system. Finally, wheatgrass can help fight fatigue.

Other green vitamins and what they do

Barley grass belongs to a group of other green vitamins and what they do is only good for your health! Barley grass exists, like wheat grass, from the young plant of a cereal. Barley grass has a higher nutritional value than any kind of vegetable or cereal, but contains less calories and cellulose. Barley grass is mainly used during detoxification and contains many essential vitamins and mineral, including vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, and vitamin C and E and calcium, copper, chromium and zinc, as well as and enzymes, amino acids, and chlorophyll. This plant is effective in cardiovascular disease, hypertension (high blood pressure), and immune diseases.

Green smoothies recipes

Are you looking for green smoothies recipes? Then take a look at our healthy recipe section and find out how delicious green healthy smoothies can be!

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