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How to Detox from Sugar?

How to detox from sugar? Sugar addiction detoxing is difficult, but definitely worth the effort. What are the characteristics of a sugar addiction? Why is it so important to do a ‘sugar addiction detox’? And how can you make a sugar dextox diet plan?

When do you need a sugar detox?

By answering these questions you can find out whether you have a sugar addiction and if a sugar detox is necessary for you.

  • Do you often feel tired after a meal?
  • Do you need to eat something sweet, even though you are full after a nutritious meal (e.g. a dessert after dinner)?
  • If eat something sweet, does it often happen that you eat more than you intended to?
  • Do you ever feel guilty after eating something sweet? But do you, despite that, still eat more of it?
  • Do you think of excuses why you really need candy, a glass of soda or a cup of coffee (with sugar)?
  • Have you tried to cut down on sugar, but were you unable to stick to it?
  • Do you sometimes hide sweets or snacks, or are you afraid telling anyone what or how much you’ve been eating or drinking?
  • Do you feel restless or irritable if you do not get your daily serving of sugar?
  • Do you find it difficult to avoid products with sugar?

If you have answered one or more questions with ‘yes’, the chances are great that you have a sugar addiction.

Sugar addiction detox is worth it!

Sugar is also called ‘the white death’. And this has a reason, because eating sugar has several (severe) negative health effects. Below you can find the 10 most important reasons why you should do a sugar detox.

  1. Sugar affects your immune system. During the digestion of sugar, your body is using vital vitamins and minerals as well as dietary fiber. So if you eat sugar, you are literally robbing your body from these nutrients. Sugar consumption also lowers your blood pH, which affects your immune system negatively. You’ll be ill quicker, more often and will need a longer time span to recover from illnesses or diseases. (reference).
  2. Sugar creates an imbalance in your insulin levels and insulin production. If you eat sugar, your body produces insulin. Insulin makes your blood sugar level stable again after it has been rising (this happens if you eat something with sugar). But if your blood glucose level gets too high for a too long time and on a very regular basis, your insulin production does not work proper anymore. In that case, your body cells become immune to insulin, which results in diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and overweight. (reference).
  3. Sugar causes tooth decay. Sugar ‘feeds’ the bad bacteria in your mouth and causes tooth decay.(reference).
  4. Sugar makes you tired. Sugar seems to provide you with lots of energy, but after eating sugar, you always feel tired and exhausted. This happens, because eating sugar causes high blood glucose levels, which are quickly dropping down again. A high blood glucose level makes you feel great and energetic, but a (too) low blood glucose level (which you will always get after eating sugar!) makes you tired and lethargic.
  5. Sugar addiction causes diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Sugar seems to be an important inhibiter in causing diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. This has to do with high glucose and cholesterol levels, which are caused by sugar consumption. (reference).
  6. Sugar causes several negative health effects. Headache, migraine, acne, skin conditions, asthma, fatigue, sleeping problems, stress, intestinal dysfunctions like diarrhea and allergies. If you are suffering from one or more of this symptoms, observe what happens if you have done a sugar detox.
  7. Sugar is addictive. Sugar is addictive as much as alcohol, tobacco (cigarettes, cigars, etc.) and even cocaine! Sugar activates the same areas in your brain as alcohol, tobacco or drugs (reference). Your brain gets addicted to dopamine. This dopamine is getting released every time you eat sugar. Therefore you will be craving to eat sugar again and again.
  8. Sugar affects your emotions. This has to do with the high blood glucose and high insulin levels (see point 4). Too much insulin affects your brain negatively and causes aggression and depression. (reference).
  9. Sugar has a negative effect on your level of saturation after eating a meal of drinking a drink. Because sugar is highly addictive and causes blood glucose imbalances, you will never feel full after eating (or drinking) something with sugar. This stimulates binge eating and causes overweight and obesity. (reference).
  10. Sugar causes wrinkles, just as bad (or even worse!!) as cigarettes and UV-rays do!(reference).

How to detox from sugar?

If you want to get rid of your sugar addiction, is the first step to firmly decide that you want to change your diet permanently. If you realize that your health is the most important thing, then go for it! Within 2 or 3 weeks you can detox from sugar, as long as you stick to it. However, you will only succeed if you dramatically change your eating habits!

Sugar detox diet plan

A sugar detox diet plan helps you to keep up with your new lifestyle. This tips may help you to detox from sugar:

Give yourself time to detox. A sugar detox takes time. You also need perseverance and strength. Your body needs this time to detox from the negative effects of sugar. It takes at least a week before you feel that the urge to eat sugar decreases. Reward yourself with something (but nothing that contains sugar!) if you managed to live a few days or weeks without sugar. Never reward yourself with something that has sugar in it, because then you’re back were you began; day 1 of your sugar detox.

Look very critically at your diet. Avoid all products that contain sugar and also look at the glycemic value of everything you eat. Foods with a high glycemic value (GV) allow your blood sugar to rise significantly (see section 2 and 4 above), so you will like to eat sugar again. Therefore, choose foods with a low GV. In this way you can avoid an excessively high blood sugar. A low GV is 0 – 55 on the scale of 100. Any food that has a GV higher than 55, should be avoided.

You need to work out! Exercising helps you to avoid sugar containing foods and drinks and to helps you to burn body fat. Since body fat is one of the thins that makes you crave for sugar, working out is a great tip that helps you to overcome your sugar addiction.

Let your taste buds be revived. If you eat lots of processed foods, your taste buds work less efficient. They are literally made numb by all kinds of additives, sugars and salt. Therefore you should only eat unprocessed, pure food. So please avoid bought pizzas. Instead, choose homemade pizzas with fresh vegetables. Do not eat fried fries, but eat homemade baked fries that you bake in the oven. And especially avoid sauces, biscuits or pre-packed packets. Making your own is just as fast and much better! You will find that your taste gets better over time, and there may be things that you may have never tasted before. If you fall back into your old pattern, then you will find out that everything tastes too salty, too sweet of too chemical.

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