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Kefir Health Benefits

Kefir. What is it? Where does it come from? And why is kefir so healthy? Milk products such as cheese, yogurt and cottage cheese are known by almost everyone. These types of dairy products are part of a balanced diet. Kefir, a smooth milk drink is the only dairy product that is been made under with yeast (instead of bacteria). The yeast does not only contain valuable vitamins, but also carbon dioxide a small concentration. This gives the drink a sparkling personality and a very light, delicate yeasty smell. In addition, kefir contains of probiotic bacteria, which also occur in yoghurt. The drink tastes slightly sour and has a refreshing taste.

Benefits of kefir

Kefir is a fungus that starts a process of fermentation in milk or water. Kefi is available in milk kefir-granules or water kefir-granules. Milk kefir has a rubbery consistency and resembles a small, structured cauliflower structure, which consists of individual loops. Kefir ferments liquids such as milk to a creamy, slightly acidic tasting drink.

Kefir health benefits

Kefir is easy to digest, contains vitamins, minerals and probiotic cultures (milk acid bacteria). The positive effect of probiotic bacteria to your intestines may provide a better functioning digestive system. In addition, kefir may have an anti-oxidative effect on body cells. In this way cell damage is prevented. If made from skimmed milk, kefir is a healthy and low-energy drink with a relatively high nutritional value. That makes kefir well suited for replacing other (dairy) drinks.

How to make kefir?

You can make kefir by your own (instead of buying it in stores). Making your own kefir is very simple, inexpensive and often tastes better than the kefir drinks from the store. You pour milk (cow, sheep or goat milk) over the kefir, close the jar or bottle tightly and place it at least twenty-four hours in a dark spot. After just 24 hours the kefir has created an aromatic, creamy milk drink with a great aroma and taste. After 48 hours, the kefir plant has the fully fermented the milk. Then the beverage is almost lactose-free. A fermentation time of 48 hours (compared to 24 hours) in addition, ensures a more intense flavor and fermentation. After 24-48 hours you sieve the liquid. The sieved kefir needs to be rinsed with cold water in a sieve and can be used for the production of a next serving. You can also make kefir with soy or almond milk, but this does create a different taste, texture and nutritional value. Kefir plants or granules are available in health food stores and online shops. Moreover, only use plastic and glass (or plastic) jars or bottles, no metal or stainless steel. Avoid contact with metal or steel, because this deactivates the kefir!

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