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Making a Juice Diet Plan

Juice detoxification (detoxification with a juice diet plan) is one of the ways to detox your body. But how does it work and what you should pay attention of if you want to do a detoxification with a juice diet plan? And what are the best juice diet recipes?

Juice diet plan

By eating too much processed foods you can overload your digestive system. All kinds of additives accumulate in your intestines and this can cause health problems ranging from headaches to fatigue and constipation (constipation) or abdominal pain. Stress may also aggravate these symptoms. By cleaning your body (through detoxification) you often feel energetic again and next to that, most of the mentioned complaints will disappear.

Best way to detox

The best way to detox is making a juice diet plan. During this home detox period, which should last for at least 5 days, you only drink vegetable juice, fruit juice, herbal tea and water.

Juice dieting is only suitable for healthy people. Are you pregnant or ill or have you suffered from eating disorders? Then juice dieting is not good for you. In all cases, you should always ask your GP first whether detoxification with a juice diet plan is safe. Also if you practice sport, juice fasting is not recommended.

Detox methods

If you are sure that your body can handle a deep cleanse by juice detoxification, then please keep in mind that emotions or stress can be released. The abstinence from solid food can you may feel lethargic. You may need plenty of space to relax, because only in a relaxed state your body’s can start the detoxification process. It is also recommended to look for mental support from people around you if you’re starting a juice diet plan. This can be roommates, but also family members or a close friend. Juice dieting is one of the easiest detox methods and that makes it an ideal home detox method.

Making a juice diet plan

Before you start with your juice diet, making a juice diet plan is very important. At least one week before you start the detoxification, decrease the intake of solid foods so that your body can adapt itself. Make sure you don’t use any of these products the week prior to your detoxification:

  • Tobacco, alcohol, coffee and black tea
  • Spices, sugar, sweeteners and salt
  • Bread, crackers, pasta and biscuits
  • Legumes (beans), nuts and seeds
  • Potatoes, onion, garlic and leek
  • Meat, fish, hard cheeses, processed fats and eggs

Therefore, you can eat plenty of these products:

  • Fresh fruit and fresh vegetables (preferably raw or cooked / steamed)
  • Fermented vegetables (e.g. cabbage like sauerkraut)
  • Rice, buckwheat, millet, amaranth or quinoa
  • Fermented milk products (yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese, soft (cream) cheese or cottage cheese)
  • Vegetable and fruit juices (preferably fresh and with no added sugars or sweeteners)
  • Herbal tea (such as chamomile, rooibos, rosehip and nettle) and sufficient water without bubbles (1.5-2 liters per day)!

During your detoxification

Detoxification by following a juice diet is not easy. You need a strong motivation and perseverance. During detoxification you don’t eat any solid food. Your body will get used to this, but in the beginning you can feel sick, get cramps in your stomach or have a restless and empty feeling. In the beginning you can also be very tired or have a headache and feel dizzy or lethargic. Also, pain in muscles and joints sometimes occurs, but these are normal symptoms and a natural reaction of your body. Finally, you are more vulnerable to emotions. For example, you may start crying sooner or feel irritated.

The best way to detox

The best way to detox, is to use these products during your detoxification period:

  • home made vegetable and fruit juices or 100% pure organic juices (available at health food stores)
  • grebe smoothies (preferably from seeds or green leaf vegetables like alfalfa, watercress, spinach, etc. You can add some extra virgin (olive) oil and some Himalayan salt if you like.
  • drink, next to the juices, every day 2-4 liters of water without bubbles. Herbal tea is also allowed (e.g. chamomile, rooibos, etc.)

Detox in 3 days

After 5-7 days of fasting you can start using solid foods again. Slowly integrate vegetables, fruits and fermented milk product as well as eggs, oils, nuts and seeds. We recommend. The first day after your detoxification period, you may first start with small amounts of cooked of steamed vegetables, some fruit and fermented milk products (e.g. Kefir, cottage cheese and yogurt). After 3-4 days you may eat more types and amounts of solid food by integrating also quinoa, rice, millet, buckwheat and amaranth. After the fifth day you can start with fish or poultry. Be very moderate with meat, because meat is difficult to digest. In addition, you should exercise, so that your intestines are stimulated and your body can switch back to a normal metabolism.

If 5-7 days of detoxification is too much for you, of course then you can detox in 3 days instead of e whole week. Just do the same as described above, but decrease the time span.

Juice diet benefits

After detoxification period with a juice diet plan, you often feel more energetic. If you want to hold on to this feeling, you may start a new lifestyle with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. Skip coffee, sugar and processed and only use pure and healthy foods without chemicals and additives.

Juice diet recipes

Looking for juice diet recipes? Take a look here!

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