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Is Organic Food Healthier?

Organic food hits the spotlight. But is it true that organic food is healthier than normal food? What are the benefits of organic food? And is organic food healthier than fair trade products?

Benefits of organic food

Fruits, vegetables, grains, and other plant foods may be called ‘organic’ if there has not been used any artificial fertilizer and/or pesticides during cultivation. Animal foods are only ‘organic’ if farmers haven’t used any hormones (for growth promotion) or antibiotics (e.g. in order to prevent diseases). The animals may only be fed with organic grown food. In addition, it imposes stricter requirements on animal welfare compared with conventional livestock. This is not only better for the environment and the quality of life of the animals, also human beings profit form organic food. Next to the fact that organic food tastes better, it is proven that organic food is healthier then conventional food.

Why is organic food healthier?

Organic food contains fewer harmful substances (e.g. pesticides, artificial fertilizer or other chemicals). Also organic foods contain more nutrients. Research shows that organic fruits and vegetables contain more antioxidants and other healthy compounds than conventionally grown crops. Moreover, in organic food you will never see chemical E- numbers (e.g. preservatives of artificial colorings). These substances (such as flavoring agents, preservatives, stabilizers, etc.), are substances that may not be used in organic food products. And though researchers do not agree with each other, has been repeatedly shown that E numbers can have negative health effects. So if you choose organic, you can automatically be sure that you do not eat substances that do not belong in your body!

Organic meat and poultry also contains considerably less antibiotic-resistant bacteria than the regular meat. Organic milk contains a higher content of healthy fatty acids (omega-3 and CLA), vitamin E and β-carotene. Finally, it is more respectful of the environment and animal wellbeing. Organic food is in many ways more sustainable than normal food! “Organic food healthier than non-organic foods” is not only our statement; lots of people think the same. You next?

Is an organic food diet also fair trade?

Organic food is sustainable. Fair trade products are often too. But the mutual sustainability issues do not always match. Fair trade means fair trade. This focuses on a fair price for producers (e.g. farmers) in the country of origin. Fair trade is all about price agreements, security and stability in the country of origin. Sustainability is a high priority in the production of fair trade products. But fair trade products are not necessarily organic. However, fair trade focuses more and more on a sustainable future in which organic farming is an important endeavor.

Start your organic food diet today!

Are you aware of your health and concerned about the environment and animal wellbeing? Then start your organic food diet today in order to make the world and your body a bit healthier. Start by always choosing organic foods and also only use organic dietary supplements. More and more supermarkets and grocery stores order a wide range of organic food. Or visit your local market for the best, fresh and healthy organic food you can get!

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